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It’s a Birthday Celebration!

Break out the cake, Lolas, and Phat Azzes! It’s The Boobies Show Birthday! I have to admit, as someone who confessed to only wearing Lolas and the Phat Azz for blogging only, I have come to LOVE my implants. In fact, working on these blogs has made me feel a lot sexier than I have in a while.

Anyway, this is the first post of a few that I will end up doing because there are so many goodies at the event. I’ve only mentioned the clothing I am wearing, but feel free to ask about anything in any of the pictures. It’s just a TON of stuff to get down. However, I’ll try to get them tagged on Flickr soon. So, please forgive me in the mean time. (Insert pleading look here)

Now onto what you came here for…

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We can love who we want

I’ve noticed there seems to be a big division in Second Life over “implants.” There are those who consistently wear them, some who can’t wear them big enough, and others who completely despise them. As far as I’m concerned… I like wearing them from time to time. I tend to keep mine on the more reasonable side, but I figure it’s SL so be who and what you want. Plus, Melo likes when I wear them… just don’t tell him that I told you all that 😛

Anyway, for those of you who like to prance around in your “implants” or if you’re like me and you throw them on from time to time then the Boobies Show is for you! I’ve featured a couple of releases for this round so go and check it out. I bet you’ll find all kinds of goodies for your girls.

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Sometimes love is intoxicating

This dress, in this color, reminds me of love. It evokes these feelings and emotions in me that bring back memories of falling in love. Maybe it’s the soft pink color that reminds me of Sakura falling at the beginning of Spring in Japan. That was always my favorite. It was like watching it snow flowers. So, there’s a possibility that’s why this dress reminds me of love. Or there’s always the theory that I just like love. I mean, heck, it’s tattooed on my body so I should believe in it right?

Something that’s a little easier to decode than my ramblings about love? Well, that’s pretty much everything – so just get your pretty little shopaholic bottoms down to the United Fashion Project where you can pick up the dress I’m wearing as well as the colors shown below!

[Cynful] Kamalin Dress - United Fashion Ad - All Colors

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Fay in Chocolate
Dress: Cynful – Kamalin Dress in Leather Light Pink
Shoes: GOS – Grace Sandal in Pink
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Crystal Glass Teardrop
Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Atlantis Moon

But I am cleaning up so well

Well, I’ve found my SL has been a little crazy these past few days. It’s got me thinking about relationships, people, and feelings in general. I wonder if it’s possible to fall in love with someone after only knowing them a few days. And if that’s possible, is it that easy to forget a person you’ve been with for a long time. I’d like to think you don’t just disregard someone when it’s all over, but we all move on at different speeds. Some relationships we never move on from and others… well, I suppose others may end so badly that we try to pick up and go as fast as possible.

There is one relationship I do want to have. It’s with my Lolas Tango and the new boobie stuff from *VERSHE*. She’s already got some great stuff out, so if you like to wear them big mesh boobies then you have even more options 😀 So, go check it out and ignore me while I continue pondering love which means I’ll end up with a headache because it never makes sense.

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I don’t care, I love it

Over the (almost 5) years that I have been in SL, there has been an enormous increase in the amount of shopping events put on. There are ones that are weekly, biweekly, monthly, and annually. There’s even one based on astrological signs, but that’s a whole other post coming up.

Anyway, I can remember when the events were so far apart that it was hard having to wait for the next one to come along. But now, we’re blessed with events like FaMESHed. Honestly, I used to hate mesh, but I have come to fall in love with it. Unfortunately, I still have some weird attachment to many of my prim clothes that I’ve collected over the years. Le sigh. But enough of my psychobabble, the following are just some of the awesome items you’ll find at FaMESHed. As you can see, I went on a little bit of a shopping spree… oops. 😉

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You’re in ruins. . .

So, it’s been almost a year since I last blogged. Sad times! Unfortunately, sometimes RL comes first and other times you lose that creative drive. However, when I saw these heels at a recent sale… well, I just couldn’t ignore them. They were begging me to be all bad ass and I mean they have a pistol for a heel. What more could you want? See the deets below and stay tuned because I do have some future blogs planned out!

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Week 8 – Dark Raspberry

Hmm… now I’m hungry for raspberries. Go figure! This week’s color made me want to dress head to toe like a berry. Well, that’s exactly what I did. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that I’m slowly falling in love with all things mesh?

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