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Here comes the bride…

If you know me and have known me for a while then you probably know I’ve been SL married – well let’s just say more than one time. I can’t help it, but somehow I became a serial monogamist in-world. *Shrugs* Anyway, each time has made me want something a little different. Because, well, each time I was a little different and each person I was with provided me a special experience.

So, if you’re in the market for a wedding dress for that first, or fourth, time make sure you go and check out Vero Modero’s Wedding Belles show today at 2:30 p.m. SLT. You can find more information on her blog by clicking HERE Trust me you won’t be disappointed and to prove my point I have included a few pictures as samples of what you’ll see there!

Vero Modero – Nars

Vero Modero – Ceres

Vero Modero – Amasis

Vero Modero – Alceste

In case you want more information on everything I’m wearing, feel free to shoot me an IM. ❤


I guess that’s deja vu

Today, is my late day at work so I figured I would put a post up before I went in. Anyone want to go for me? I mean, really, who invented RL anyway? lol Feeling a little casual today and almost wish I could wear this to work. The trench does come with a cute skirt and turtle neck, but I felt like mixing it up a little.

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Week 2 – Taking it week by week

So, I made it to week 2 of the color challenge. I think I am fairing pretty well so far, but only time will tell 🙂 I don’t have too much to say other than it’s getting hard to find clothes to fit my ever expanding shape (more info on that coming). Oh and I wanted to take everyone that took time to comment on my blog post last week! It means a lot to me and you all are more encouragement for me to continue on. I will definitely make it a priority to get on the blogs and be more vocal!

And now for my take on coral:

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If no one has coined that term yet, it describes exactly how I feel about each release from Vero Modero. Seriously, though, they have yet to disappoint me.

Today’s dress is Derri and well I think the picture says more than I can say about it.

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