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Free of Grenades on Wednesday

It’s GFW time on the Jersey Shore sim again. Make sure you catch it before it’s over (which is in a few hours since it’s almost Thursday!).


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I suffer from…

Footinmouthitis… It’s true. Unfortunately, they haven’t found a cure for this disease and it continues to run rampant. Not only in my case, but throughout society in every part of the world. So, here I am suffering not so silently as I continue to open my mouth and insert my foot. From what they tell me, it’s a regular occurrence, but sometimes… I just need something (other than my foot) to keep my mouth shut.

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Did I do that?

[Insert nerdy Urkel laugh here]

It’s that time of week again and Grenade Free Wednesday starts on the Jersey Shore (click HERE) sim at midnight. So get your Urkel on. . . or you know, grab some cute ish ❤

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