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You call me all friendly
Tellin’ me how much you miss me
That’s funny, I guess you’ve heard my songs
Well, I’m too busy for your business
Go find a girl who wants to listen
‘Cause if you think I was born yesterday
You have got me wrong

Hair: Truth – Rumor (Selection Pack)

Skin: League – Sadie

Tattoo: TattooMania – T-26 (Saturday Sale)

Top: Spirit – Mina Shirt in Light Blue (Collab88)

Bra: Blueberry – Icon Bra in Soft Pink

Shorts: Spirit – Mina Shorts in Light Blue (Collab88)

Shoes: REIGN – Arianna Sneakers Glitter Pack (Saturday Sale)


Last day!!!

I just wanted to do a quick little post before I head off to RL work. Gross, I know, but I have yet to find any of that RL-b-Gone spray. If you happen to have a can please pass it to me 😀

Anyway, before I get off on a random Monday tangent. The last day of the Pose Fair has arrived. Katey’s last notice said the fair would be closing down at 12 p.m. today so make sure you go check it out while you still have an opportunity. Unfortunately, the fate of the Pose Fair is a little up in the air according to Katey’s open letter. I really would hate to see such an event just die, so hopefully someone will step up and take the reigns. It has definitely been such a positive experience for me to take part in the Pose Fair.

So, with all this said… You can still get to my store by clicking HERE. If you haven’t yet then make sure you click the Subscribe-o because I’ll have some fun stuff to send out today when I get home from work (ewwww!).

.: Vanilla Poses :. Early Kisses

So, I created this pose for all the SL budding families (as well as myself). What’s more sentimental than a Dad’s early kisses to his unborn child? This version is positioned for a size 20 belly so its for pretty early in pregnancy. I will be putting out a 40 and 60 version soon so keep looking out for that if you’re looking for more of a late pregnancy pose.

Also, just a reminder all poses are still 100L (except new releases) and there is a 50L pose as well. I will be marking up the prices after this weekend so make sure to catch the sale. If you haven’t already – make sure you join the group or subscriber for upcoming releases and some freebies. *Hint* there may be one there already 😀

Store Info:


Satelite Store


Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year!

Since the world is ending next year SALE

Since today is December 21st, and people believe the world will end on December 21, 2012, I’ve decided to formally announce the fact that I have a store. Currently, I have a few poses up for sale (all couples poses) that I’ve made. The shop is still small, but growing every day and I hope that you all will enjoy it as much as I do. Also, with the release of my newest pose I have put all my poses up for sale at 100L each (in world locations ONLY, but there is a special offer on Marketplace). They will be on sale until probably the 1st of January or around that time.

I will be continually growing and working to improve my store. Though, I always welcome comments, suggestions, or even pose ideas. There are big things planned for group and subscribe-o members (such as a freebie in the NEAR future) so make sure you join one or the other. In addition, since it is Christmas time, if you have purchased a pose from me full price (i.e. before this sale) send me a notecard with your transaction history and I’ll send you a pose of your choice for free.

Keep reading for my releases and store locations…

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*BOOM* – I’m a pose whore

For those of you that know me (and who probably don’t), I’ve moonlighted as a “photographer” for the better part of my SL days. At one point, I even had a studio with my bro. Nowadays, the photos I specialize in are the ones I do for HeartBeat publications and my personal ones. But what the whole thing means is that I have accumulated A LOT of poses in my day. In fact, I have like 10 or so pose stands rezzed on my platform. I can’t help it – I like to keep them separated by store so if I blog them I know where they came from. You don’t believe me? You want proof – check out the pic below!

To be honest there are more stands to the left that got cropped out of the photo. While I’m being honest… I made my platform bigger just to give myself more room because of the ever multiplying number of pose stands. However, Aranel Ah of *BOOM* must have read my mind (or maybe found my platform) and created a pose stand to ease my worries.

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