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I’m Out

Do you ever have those moments where you want to be someone else for a little bit?  Technically, it’s impossible since you can’t exactly be another person, but I think that’s the best part about fashion.  You can take on a different persona just by changing your hairstyle, throwing on some bright red lipstick and leather.  One minute you’re the girl that wears cute dresses and heels, the next you’re a bad ass chick in leather and hot pants.

So, if you’ll excuse me for just a bit… I think I’m going to be the bad girl for just a bit.

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You’re looking just like my type

I’m having one of those days where my mind is going a million miles an hour. I have a ton of RL work, but I’m procrastinating. Though, there is a bright side… at least in regards to SL. A new store called California will be opening their doors soon. If this top is any indication of what’s to come then consider me excited. For now, this top is available at the location provided in the credits. As soon as the store opens, I’ll let you know so you can go scope out all the goodies too!

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I come around when you least expect me

For those of you who are new to my blog, I am participating in Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. Not only is this a great challenge to get your blog up and running, but it’s also a community. Whether it’s through the Flickr or in-world group, you’ll always find someone to challenge you further, to push you to limits you didn’t think possible.

Every once in a while in the in-world group, there is a mini challenge that’s sent out. Last time, Luna challenged us to blog about things we love (I kind of missed out on that one), and this time Adorkable Peapod encouraged us to blog out of our comfort zone. Now, the following look isn’t exactly out of left field for me. Though, the truth is I’m usually WAY more clothed and a little more innocent looking (what? you don’t believe I’m usually more clothed?). Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little dip into the wild side courtesy of Miss Peapod.

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