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Colors of Summer Hunt

There are 7 days left in the Colors of Summer Hunt. I would definitely check it out because the hunts that Atooly puts on are never a disappointment! Check the details after the link!

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Shop, shop, shop, shop

I’m going to be honest… I normally stay away from fairs. Not because I have anything against them whatsoever, but I always end up spending WAY TOO MUCH! Then again, that’s not going to stop me from telling you about The Garage Fashion Fair that starts on the 15th of May and runs until the 31st. It looks like it’s going to be a nice mix of all types of styles which makes me excited. And it’s also given me a chance to learn about some stores I’ve never been to.

I will be updating the blog as the fair begins, but unfortunately I won’t be at home the day it begins so you may have to do some Googling until I can get back 😉

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She’s not perfect, but she’s worth it

I could babble on about how great I feel at the moment, but maybe I’ve done enough of that in my past few posts. The only other thing I can really talk about is the retail therapy I’ve been subscribing to and the fact that it’s not helping my shopaholic tendencies. I mean has anyone made it down to the FaMESHed birthday event yet? I dropped so many lindens on some great stuff! Then there’s the decorating of my new skybox which I might take photos of and post up. Oh and let me not forget about the fact that Truth has extended his hair sale for at least another week. So, keep trying to get in. If not stand on the bordering sim and cam in. That’s what I did 😀 Speaking of shopping, [vershe] has released some cute stuff, but I’ll let the pics do the talking for me!

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99 Problems… but clothes aren’t 1?

So, I have finally made it to my 100th post. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but then again… I guess that’s what happens when you’re absent from your blog for almost a year. Oh, well. One thing that definitely has not changed is my love for Zoey Gabardini and her clothing line, paper.doll. Below you’ll find the paper.doll goodies from this month’s Arcade event as well as Whore Couture 2. Go check them out and then you’ll be like me… claiming not to have a clothing problem when your inventory is busting at the seams!

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Agnes Finney – It all began with a dress…

So, I got a nice surprise earlier this week – Miss Agnes Finney herself had dropped a box of goodies on me! In the midst of looking through all the goodness, I began to remember how I first learned of Agnes Finney and her store. It started with this dress.

The Goddess dress, one of her earlier releases, was the first experience I had with her gorgeous creations. A dress I had come across after asking my ex-boyfriend (who I was with at the time) to make me over. What can I say? He was good with the landmarks and still is if you need things. Anyway, after changing my shape, skin, hair, etc. we decided we were going to go to a jazz club. Yes, formal wear used to be a normal occurrence for me. That dress was amazing – sexy and classy.

But alas, this blog entry isn’t all about memories and a single dress – it’s about her newest releases.

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I’m getting paper…

Zoey Gabardini, of -paper.doll-, has released some amazing things lately! A couple of the items on the blog today are only at the Vintage Fair so make sure you get down there and scoop them up before it’s over.

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It’s GFW time again!

It’s Grenade Free Wednesday on the Jersey Shore sim again and I am excited! There is so much awesomeness that can be found there that I simply cannot feature it all. So, here you go… one of my favorite releases for this edition of GFW. More to be featured soon 🙂

By the way, it’s my 3rd Rezz Day and RL birthday… so you know, feel free to send presents. LOL!

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