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Week 4 – Oh the iron-y

I suppose that the “irony” in this post is that it’s not quite the iron color that Luna lists on her blog. Oh well, I figure that iron kind of looks like grey. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Plus I’m exhausted from working on a new release which I hope everyone will love. And keep an eye on the blog and on my Flickr because I do plan on having a contest soon with some great prizes. If you haven’t joined the subscribe-o or Vanilla Poses group in-world then I recommend you do so. There’s currently a freebie in there and I plan on sending out some more stuff… when I get a minute!

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All I want. . .

Is for you to see that your b**** will never be as good as me. Just in case any of you were confused.

What can I say? There’s nothing more than a good pair of black leather stiletto boots to make you feel like a bad ass 🙂

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