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You call me all friendly
Tellin’ me how much you miss me
That’s funny, I guess you’ve heard my songs
Well, I’m too busy for your business
Go find a girl who wants to listen
‘Cause if you think I was born yesterday
You have got me wrong

Hair: Truth – Rumor (Selection Pack)

Skin: League – Sadie

Tattoo: TattooMania – T-26 (Saturday Sale)

Top: Spirit – Mina Shirt in Light Blue (Collab88)

Bra: Blueberry – Icon Bra in Soft Pink

Shorts: Spirit – Mina Shorts in Light Blue (Collab88)

Shoes: REIGN – Arianna Sneakers Glitter Pack (Saturday Sale)


In a world where you can be anything that you dream of… I’m a freaking (yes I censored that) mermaid!


Hair: Magika – A Perfect Mess

Bodysuit: .epoch. – Jezebel Bodysuit (Saturday Sale)

Fishnet Heels: .epoch. – Jezebel Fishnet Heels (Saturday Sale)

I’ll give you all of me

I think my rebellious phase isn’t planning on leaving any time soon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still my normal bubbly and sweet self, but the clothing has recently taken a dip into the scandalous side of things. It might be pretty tame by most people’s standards, but this is me we’re talking about. I suppose it’s just a way for me to go crazy without actually going crazy. So, in the mean time… all you people get to benefit visually. You’re welcome!

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Shop, shop, shop, shop

I’m going to be honest… I normally stay away from fairs. Not because I have anything against them whatsoever, but I always end up spending WAY TOO MUCH! Then again, that’s not going to stop me from telling you about The Garage Fashion Fair that starts on the 15th of May and runs until the 31st. It looks like it’s going to be a nice mix of all types of styles which makes me excited. And it’s also given me a chance to learn about some stores I’ve never been to.

I will be updating the blog as the fair begins, but unfortunately I won’t be at home the day it begins so you may have to do some Googling until I can get back 😉

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It’s crazy, what you’re doing to me

O-M-G! I am so in love with the Maia shape from Anatomy. It got even better when I paired it with the Clover skin from Essences. I never thought I could pull off the cute look, but think again because here is the proof. I mean, come on, look how cute that face is and she’s got curves in all the right places! Which means that I will definitely be using this combo a lot more on the blog to change up the look from time to time. The best part about this shape… there were only a limited number of them created. 15 were placed for sale and last I heard there were only 4 left. Which is good because it means there’s less chance of us all looking like clones.

Now, quit stalling and make sure you get to the Anatomy Mainstore before the Maia shape is all gone. The inworld location is the only place you’ll be able to purchase this shape. But you can also check out the other great shapes they offer by going to Anatomy on Marketplace. And if that’s not enough to get you to go then you just need to go because the owner is awesome (<3 you Glitch!).

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Maybe the truth is, it would kill me if you move on…

I think at some point in life, everyone find him or herself in a situation where he or she wants to make others jealous. Maybe it’s an ex that broke their heart or a best friend that stabbed the person in the back. The situation makes them conjure up ways to seek revenge, and sometimes jealousy can be a perfect tool. So, they start thinking, “I’m going to show them (the wrong doer).” Well, if you happen to be wanting to show off what your ex gave up or just how much better you look than your hag of an ex best friend… then look no further than this dress right here. It hugs in all the right places, shows just the right amount of skin, and is sure to drive that “special” person CRAZY. So, remember kids… envy makes people green and should be handled with care ❤

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A little color in the midst of the white

I think I may just have a girl crush on Zoey Gabardini. Actually, I am pretty sure this is the case. She’s not only cute, but she has this way of creating easy girl centric clothing. What can I say? I’m a fan! Best part of it all is that this little outfit was able to stretch around my protruding stomach.

Anyway, enough of my gibberish, go check out paper.doll – Like really, go now. I’m not even kidding… stop reading and go already!

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No one’s gonna love you

LOTS and LOTS of goodies from -paper.doll- today. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to even capture a small fraction of the awesome stuff Zoey has released lately. So, if you like the small bit I am posting then make sure you head over to the store and check out all the rest. Another smart thing to do would be to join the subscriber (hint, hint – wink, wink).

Oh yes, and before I end this post… Happy Holidays in case you all don’t hear from me again before then! RL has been hella crazy, but I’m sure everyone knows that!

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Hiding my heart

Despite how disappointing life can be, I think that there are moments of brightness. Whether you find it in a significant other, a confidant, a hobby, or work – there are these moments that just make your heart swell. It was one of those days for me; a day that gave me purpose and reminded me why I do what I do. So, no matter how many people try to tear you down or ruin your happiness… hold on to it… for dear life.

Oh… you want me to actually blog an outfit today? Well, I guess you deserve it after having to read my rant 😛

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