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I love Flickr. It’s probably the only “social media” type site that I keep up regularly. Photos artistically done, products being developed, and plain good times from SL can be seen constantly on this site. I’ve had mine since 2008/early 2009, so I’ve collected quite a few contacts who’s streams I pour through daily. And there are new people to find daily.

But another reason why I love Flickr is because it introduces me to new stores or stores I haven’t come across yet. One of them being [Context]. I hadn’t heard of the store until I saw that Kennef had added me on Flickr. Let me tell you that I am glad he did. He’s come up with some great items and they come with a color/pattern change HUD. Hello options! I love that designers are getting on this bandwagon because it saves my poor inventory from getting too high. Anyway, I’m showcasing two awesome dresses from [Context], but make sure you check out the store or at least the Flickr to see all of Kennef’s designs. I, for one, can’t wait to see what else he comes out with.

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Maybe it was wrong of me…

So, I’ve decided to take a break from blog photos. In it’s place, I’ve decided to do a video. We’ll see how long I can keep this up, but hopefully it lasts a while because it’s definitely pushed me creatively. Anyway, I hope you enjoy (both the music and clothes)!

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Week 6 – Alice Blue

Man, Luna Jubilee has me working hard again this week! Did you know that Alice Blue is very, very close to the color of white? Yes, I realize that my outfit is more blue than it is white. My excuse – the name of the color does have the word “blue.” *Shrugs* Deal with it! ❤

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