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I won’t treat you like you’re oh so typical

I’ve had Tegan and Sara’s song “Closer” stuck in my head for the past few days. Perhaps, it’s because of a conversation I had recently about connecting with someone. You know, that feeling when you just have to be near someone in order to satisfy some deep craving. Unfortunately, I think a lot of times people get lost in physical attraction and they don’t give any thought to an emotional or mental one. In my experience, a physical connection to someone can only get you so far. Personally, someone has to have more to offer me than just their stunning good looks. Then again, I tend to enjoy people that can keep up with my randomness and off hand comments. Oh, and I suck at explaining things at times so it helps to have someone who can fill in the blanks. Though, I would appreciate if they could also remind me of why I was talking about whatever I was talking about… Which would totally help right now because I don’t know what I was saying other than I love that song at the moment.

Now, that I have officially confused everyone… Truth has released 3 new hairs and yes, I’m in love again. He’s reminded me of my fan-girl crush and I won’t go into it again since I’m pretty sure he’s considering an SL restraining order. Either way, these hairs were released with his new HUD system which makes it way easy to switch between colors and takes up less of my precious inventory space. It must be mentioned, though, that my favorite by far is Vida. I’m a sucker for braids mixed in with other styles (i.e an updo). So, go check it out and I’ll quit making your eyes bleed with my craziness!

Hair (from L to R): Vida, Felicity, and Anita all in Light Blondes
Dress: Vershe – Sweetie Dress (Stuff in Stock)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Honey Diva Bo Bo

Feelin’ bad looks good

Every time I see a school girl outfit, I always think about Aerosmith’s “Crazy” video with Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler. They make being bad look really fun and exciting. Which makes me wonder if I would have turned out like that if my dad had ever made good on his threat to send us to Catholic school. On the flip side, I’m an adult with more than a couple tattoos and piercings. So, maybe I didn’t need to go in order to turn out rebellious. Though, if you ask me it’s a form of self expression.

Hair: Truth – Sadie in Brown05Fade
Outfit (outer shirt, tie, skirt): Corvus – Killer Schoolgirl
Tank: Suicidal Unborn – Basic Top in Red
Leggings: Blowpop – Seamed Fishnet Tights in Black Rip
Boots: GOS – GTFO Boots in Black
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Ethiopian Cross
Desk and Chalkboard: Glitterati (on sale in-world until the end of the month!)

Boom! Winter!

I was contemplating whether or not I really wanted to leave my home or platform. It’s cold out there – in SL! What is a summer loving person to do when faced with the harsh winters of Second Life? Honestly, it took me a minute to figure it out. Come on, it’s 65-70 degrees in RL where I live so the thought of winter clothes astounds me.

Luckily for me, Boom has released some items that are perfect for this occasion. They even kept me warm while I ventured to Jordan Giant’s store Nordari. Look, a deer! So, since my ADD has kicked in go check out their sweaters and earmuffs.

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A little color in the midst of the white

I think I may just have a girl crush on Zoey Gabardini. Actually, I am pretty sure this is the case. She’s not only cute, but she has this way of creating easy girl centric clothing. What can I say? I’m a fan! Best part of it all is that this little outfit was able to stretch around my protruding stomach.

Anyway, enough of my gibberish, go check out paper.doll – Like really, go now. I’m not even kidding… stop reading and go already!

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Week 2 – Taking it week by week

So, I made it to week 2 of the color challenge. I think I am fairing pretty well so far, but only time will tell 🙂 I don’t have too much to say other than it’s getting hard to find clothes to fit my ever expanding shape (more info on that coming). Oh and I wanted to take everyone that took time to comment on my blog post last week! It means a lot to me and you all are more encouragement for me to continue on. I will definitely make it a priority to get on the blogs and be more vocal!

And now for my take on coral:

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I suffer from…

Footinmouthitis… It’s true. Unfortunately, they haven’t found a cure for this disease and it continues to run rampant. Not only in my case, but throughout society in every part of the world. So, here I am suffering not so silently as I continue to open my mouth and insert my foot. From what they tell me, it’s a regular occurrence, but sometimes… I just need something (other than my foot) to keep my mouth shut.

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