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I’m just a girl, take a good look at me

I am a girly girl.  This hasn’t always been the case, but somewhere in my early 20’s pink became my favorite color and I loved getting all dolled up.  Before that, well, you’d find me in jeans and a t-shirt most of the time.  Though, I still live in my running shorts and t-shirts, even those have become a little more girlified.  If “girlified” was a word.  Anyway, I love everything frilly and cute.  I love jewelry, shoes, dresses, make-up, and different hairstyles.  So, naturally, I love this coat.  It’s from Paradise Kiss which is a realitively new store and it personifies girlyness to me.  In fact, I would do many a things to have something like it in RL.  But this version is better because if you buy the fatpack version it comes with a HUD and you can change the color of the jacket and the buttons.  Too bad it isn’t that easy in every day life.  Hmmm… I think I’m going to work on that.  😛

They have a lot of other cute items and even some guy’s stuff so make sure you go check it out!

Details below.

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I don’t care, I love it

Over the (almost 5) years that I have been in SL, there has been an enormous increase in the amount of shopping events put on. There are ones that are weekly, biweekly, monthly, and annually. There’s even one based on astrological signs, but that’s a whole other post coming up.

Anyway, I can remember when the events were so far apart that it was hard having to wait for the next one to come along. But now, we’re blessed with events like FaMESHed. Honestly, I used to hate mesh, but I have come to fall in love with it. Unfortunately, I still have some weird attachment to many of my prim clothes that I’ve collected over the years. Le sigh. But enough of my psychobabble, the following are just some of the awesome items you’ll find at FaMESHed. As you can see, I went on a little bit of a shopping spree… oops. 😉

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