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Some days I sit and wish I was a kid again

The days when responsibility didn’t get in the way of fun. Before all the heartbreak, hurt feelings, and users ruined all that was innocent. Then again, there are probably plenty of days when I was younger I wouldn’t want to relive. So, maybe all the things that life has thrown my way aren’t so horrible.

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It’s a Birthday Celebration!

Break out the cake, Lolas, and Phat Azzes! It’s The Boobies Show Birthday! I have to admit, as someone who confessed to only wearing Lolas and the Phat Azz for blogging only, I have come to LOVE my implants. In fact, working on these blogs has made me feel a lot sexier than I have in a while.

Anyway, this is the first post of a few that I will end up doing because there are so many goodies at the event. I’ve only mentioned the clothing I am wearing, but feel free to ask about anything in any of the pictures. It’s just a TON of stuff to get down. However, I’ll try to get them tagged on Flickr soon. So, please forgive me in the mean time. (Insert pleading look here)

Now onto what you came here for…

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I never meant to start a war

Sometimes when I sit here to write blog entries, all sorts of cheesy things come to mind and I know that most times they do make it in my writing. But today, I will refrain and try not to talk about how I’m probably going to actually start a war with all the delicious newness I have going on in the picture above. So, don’t worry because I’m not going to say it.

I also won’t mention how Mr. Bear here is ready for war because he’s got a gas mask. Though, I will tell you he is from yumyum and the pose is by elephante which they did in sort of a collaboration. Then I won’t tie in the fact that the pants I’m wearing are a collaboration between Cynful and lil’lace and that they are a part of the upcoming Dressing Room Fusion. Nope, not going there. However, I will mention that my top is new from Vershe and the jacket is also a new release from Corvus. Do you see how good I’m doing? In addition, I’m pretty sure the hair is a new release from Elikatira who has updated her hairs to use a HUD. Yay for less inventory 😀

Well, there you go. A blog post that’s not random and is not cheesy what-so-ever. It was tough, but I did it.

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Not Too Late

If you haven’t gotten over to The Garage Fair, it’s not too late! The fair ends on the 31st which is fast approaching, but you can still do a little last minute shopping. Kind of like the guys do the morning of Valentine’s Day because they either forgot or they weren’t sure they really wanted a Valentine. And boys, don’t even try to tell me I’m not right. Anyway, there’s so many goodies at the fair I couldn’t get them all blogged so make sure you get down there and check it out before it’s gone!

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When something is right, you know that it’s right

I’m feeling a little less scatter brained today. Though, I still have a ton of RL stuff to do. For some reason, I don’t think I’m ever content until I’m barely able to do everything. I have work, my volunteer stuff, Second Life stuff, and other things that I like to do. Unfortunately, I can’t compromise things because people are counting on me, even in SL. But it’s okay because I’ll find a way to get it all done. At least, I hope so.

Anyway, I was drooling over this skirt while browsing through Flickr. Lucky for me, Kennef (of [Context]) put it in his store not too long after posting pics on his photostream. Bad part is that it’s taken me this long to get it posted. But alas, it’s here and it’s awesome. Sexy and classy and so perfectly my style! Oh, and if you happen down to [Context] and see Kennef standing around, make sure you say hello. He’s pretty friendly like that 😉

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Random Acts of Kindness

So, I’ve decided to issue my own “challenge.” Technically, it’s not a normal blogger challenge and it’s more of a personal voyage. The idea is to, at least once a week, show a random act of kindness in world. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or some huge production. Maybe it’s sending someone a notecard letting them know you enjoy what they do in SL. Or maybe it’s telling your best friend or family member that they’re loved and thought of. If you frequent Shopping Cart Disco then you are familiar with Sweet Fridays. The idea is similar. I just think that we all get caught up in our own drama and sometimes hearing words of appreciation can turn a whole day, week, even month around.

I personally enjoy sending notecards to people to let them know that their hardwork is worth something. It’s also not uncommon for me to message someone in a store and tell them I like their outfit or photos. The reason I am putting this out there is because I just figure there might be others who are willing to make Second Life a more positive and pleasurable place to be. If you feel like sharing your stories about giving a random act of kindness or receiving one, then I’d love for you to leave a comment or post a picture in the Flickr Group. Regardless, I hope everyone out there benefits in some way from this.

Hair: Elikatira – Studio in Brown 08
Top: Tee*fy – Rachel Ruffle Sweater in Coral (Collabor88)
Skirt: Tee*fy – Lovisa Ruffle Mini in Floral (Collabor88)
Boots: Tee*fy – Chloe Slouchy Boots in Beige (Collabor88)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Titania’s Filigree Heart (Collabor88)