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I’ve loved and I’ve lost

I am in love with this dress from Jack Spoon. Though, I pretty much say that about everything I blog and it’s true every time. I think I have a problem, a shopping problem, a blogging problem, a photo problem, and I’m sure that my inventory would agree. It’s begging for attention and I just keep ignoring it, telling it that it’ll be okay. Thank goodness, and I’m almost positive, that my inventory won’t explode.

Anyway, the dress I’m wearing today is from Jack Spoon and is available at the Back to Black event. The event is going on until the 29th, so make sure you check it out while you can. There are a ton of other great designers there as well!

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No one’s gonna love you

LOTS and LOTS of goodies from -paper.doll- today. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to even capture a small fraction of the awesome stuff Zoey has released lately. So, if you like the small bit I am posting then make sure you head over to the store and check out all the rest. Another smart thing to do would be to join the subscriber (hint, hint – wink, wink).

Oh yes, and before I end this post… Happy Holidays in case you all don’t hear from me again before then! RL has been hella crazy, but I’m sure everyone knows that!

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Roasted Marshmallows

Who says you can’t look sexy and be warm? Rock Me Amadeus sure thinks you can with their release of the Sorento dress and their warm Cosies boots. You may not be able to wear this look RL without freezing, but in SL you’ll still feel nice and toasty.

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Izzy… Where have you been all my SLife?

So, Izzy Roberts just opened her new store Haberdashery. Let me just tell you that it was love at first sight. I first saw her boots on her Flickr stream and my heart skipped a beat. However, this girl isn’t just limited to shoes… her clothes are awesome too! In fact, I’ve been wearing this outfit for a few days (which I think my other half may be sick of looking at), but it’s sooooooooo comfy and perfect for fall. Anyway, enough of my fan-girling – make sure and check out her store. Like NOW!

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I’m getting paper…

Zoey Gabardini, of -paper.doll-, has released some amazing things lately! A couple of the items on the blog today are only at the Vintage Fair so make sure you get down there and scoop them up before it’s over.

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It’s GFW time again!

It’s Grenade Free Wednesday on the Jersey Shore sim again and I am excited! There is so much awesomeness that can be found there that I simply cannot feature it all. So, here you go… one of my favorite releases for this edition of GFW. More to be featured soon 🙂

By the way, it’s my 3rd Rezz Day and RL birthday… so you know, feel free to send presents. LOL!

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In the Dark

When you work on me
Open up my body and do some surgery

I don’t know about you, but I have some type of infatuation with Dev. And well, this hair kind of reminds me of her. I also like to think that she would take one look at this outfit and say, “I approve.” LOL!

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