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Doing this for the thrill of it

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I’ll give you all of me

I think my rebellious phase isn’t planning on leaving any time soon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still my normal bubbly and sweet self, but the clothing has recently taken a dip into the scandalous side of things. It might be pretty tame by most people’s standards, but this is me we’re talking about. I suppose it’s just a way for me to go crazy without actually going crazy. So, in the mean time… all you people get to benefit visually. You’re welcome!

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I can’t promise that I’ll be good to you

I think I’ve been living in the persona of my last post since I wrote it. It’s this phase that I always seem to go through after a break up, like a sudden urge to just go wild. And if you have ever seen that happen to me, then I’m sorry. I have a feeling it’s probably not pretty. LOL! This time, however, I decided to turn it down a notch and get through my wild ways with a pic. And well, I loved what I was wearing in it (even though it’s not much) so much I decided to blog it.

It is a little risque or at least it is in my world. So, I’ll just go ahead and say it’s NSFW and you click below at your own risk. If you’re disappointed by the lack of nudity then you can deal with it 😛

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