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Week 6 – Alice Blue

Man, Luna Jubilee has me working hard again this week! Did you know that Alice Blue is very, very close to the color of white? Yes, I realize that my outfit is more blue than it is white. My excuse – the name of the color does have the word “blue.” *Shrugs* Deal with it! ❤

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Week 3 – It’s electrifying!

Sorry, I totally had a Grease flashback. Well, I guess it is a little fitting since my outfit is a tad reminiscent of Sandra D’s at the end of the movie. Okay, so that’s a really loose interpretation – sue me! As a side note, I should mention that you won’t get much if you do sue me so please don’t 😀

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Roasted Marshmallows

Who says you can’t look sexy and be warm? Rock Me Amadeus sure thinks you can with their release of the Sorento dress and their warm Cosies boots. You may not be able to wear this look RL without freezing, but in SL you’ll still feel nice and toasty.

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