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Simply Unforgettable

*Sigh* Agnes Finney has done it again. She’s made me long for the girly side in me. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of the clothing I blog is casual wear because well… That’s usually what you can find me lounging around in. But every now and again I like to put something on that’s so girly and frilly that I might explode. It’s okay, though, because I’m pretty sure that there wouldn’t be any guts – just rainbows.

But alas, I have started on one of my random tangents which just goes to show you my personality. Agnes has been creating beautiful works of art in the form of clothing for years and it’s only gotten better! So, go check out this dress and trust me it’s anything but forgettable.

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Agnes Finney – It all began with a dress…

So, I got a nice surprise earlier this week – Miss Agnes Finney herself had dropped a box of goodies on me! In the midst of looking through all the goodness, I began to remember how I first learned of Agnes Finney and her store. It started with this dress.

The Goddess dress, one of her earlier releases, was the first experience I had with her gorgeous creations. A dress I had come across after asking my ex-boyfriend (who I was with at the time) to make me over. What can I say? He was good with the landmarks and still is if you need things. Anyway, after changing my shape, skin, hair, etc. we decided we were going to go to a jazz club. Yes, formal wear used to be a normal occurrence for me. That dress was amazing – sexy and classy.

But alas, this blog entry isn’t all about memories and a single dress – it’s about her newest releases.

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