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Week 7 – Folly, you’re my kind of color!

After putting me to work, Luna Jubilee gave us a color that I could work with! I mean, come on, I’m a girl and I love all shades of pink. That and I have developed a love for mesh – thank you compatible viewers. I try not to walk around SL in them too much as I’d rather not look like a blob of mess walking around (for those who can’t see what I’m wearing). Yes, I am somewhat vain. Anyway, enough talk… here is my take on folly ❤

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Week 6 – Alice Blue

Man, Luna Jubilee has me working hard again this week! Did you know that Alice Blue is very, very close to the color of white? Yes, I realize that my outfit is more blue than it is white. My excuse – the name of the color does have the word “blue.” *Shrugs* Deal with it! ❤

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Week 4 – Oh the iron-y

I suppose that the “irony” in this post is that it’s not quite the iron color that Luna lists on her blog. Oh well, I figure that iron kind of looks like grey. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Plus I’m exhausted from working on a new release which I hope everyone will love. And keep an eye on the blog and on my Flickr because I do plan on having a contest soon with some great prizes. If you haven’t joined the subscribe-o or Vanilla Poses group in-world then I recommend you do so. There’s currently a freebie in there and I plan on sending out some more stuff… when I get a minute!

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Week 3 – It’s electrifying!

Sorry, I totally had a Grease flashback. Well, I guess it is a little fitting since my outfit is a tad reminiscent of Sandra D’s at the end of the movie. Okay, so that’s a really loose interpretation – sue me! As a side note, I should mention that you won’t get much if you do sue me so please don’t 😀

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Week 010 – Sienna Goodness

Sometimes, “I think I’m turning Japanese.” Hahaha.. if you ever wondered what RL Mandy dressed like then wonder no more. I’m a huge skirt/dress with crazy leggings fan 😀 Here’s to another week and hoping I can keep up..lol

❤ Mandy

Hair: 69 – Ivan 01 in Chestnut
Shape and Skin: Cupcakes Almost Complete Avatar Dahlia in Copper (shape modified)
Make-up: Kyoot – Feline in Soft Brown
Jacket: Niniko – Long Jacket in Grey (color modified)
Shirt: Fri.day – Basic Cami in White (freebie)
Skirt: LeLutka – PAINE mini in Chocolate (past group gift)
Leggings: Fishy Strawberry – Woolen Tights in Brown (past TDR item?)
Shoes: Kookie – Nyox Hobbit Boots (past FLF item)
Nails: Mandala – Takara Nails in Rich Gold (past Rocking Friday item)
Jewelry: Miel – ELO set (past FLF item)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

*Disclaimer: Some items featured in my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge posts may no longer be available. *

Week 009 – Silver Bells

Meh, okay so the title is still stuck in the holidays, but they were last week so I’ll stick with it.  I was so excited when Luna Jubilee announced this week’s color.  As soon as I saw “silver,” I instantly thought of these BAX boots which are one of my faves.  Unfortunately, I can never find anything to really wear with it.  Hmm.. lucky for me my inventory is large enough for me to find items for the color to throw together 😀

Here’s to another week doing the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge and doing it all out of my large inventory.

Hair: Fri.day – Tatum in Delighted Blonde

Skin: Glam Affair – Sofia Light Winter (previous TDR)

Make-up: Mozz – Winged Eye with Lashes in Silver

Jacket: Atomic – Ritzy Blazer in Silver (previous gift)

Shirt: Berries Inc. – BOMB dress in grey/lightgrey

Skirt: Zaara – Larin Skirt in Silver Lilac

Leggings: LeLutka – Leggings in Grayscale 2

Boots: BAX – Prestige Boots in Silver

Jewelry: Addict – Knuckle Ring in Silver

LaGyo – Sparkle Earring in Leather/Silver Black

LaGyo – Squiala Bracelets in Leather/Silver Black

Poses: Glitterati


*Disclaimer: Some items featured in my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge posts may no longer be available. *

Week 008 – Green

No catchy titles this week and it’s a little early… but it’s all good 🙂 A little spring/summer for your winter holidays! I hope you have a safe holiday for those who celebrate ❤

Hair: Truth – Nadine in Treacle (streaked)
Skin: Belleza – Elle in Med (past group gift)
Makeup: Kyoot – Feline in Moss
Sweater: Pig – Ladies Like Flowers in Green
Dress: Aoharu – Floral Dress in Green
Shoes: N-Core – Huntress Xtreme Heel II in Pink
Earrings: Boom – Skinny Plastic Door Knockers in Lipstick