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Week 022 – Banana Split?

Yeah, yeah… it’s like 4 weeks away from being the end of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge and here I am on week 22. Well, ya know what? I will finish … even if it is 6 months later making it more like a 78 week challege. LOL!

Anyway, week 22 is all about the yellows. Well, mostly about the pale yellow color that reminds us all of bananas. This is my take on “banana mania” 🙂

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And the obsession continues…

Vero Modero – You never let me down. I hate that I have been so busy this week (RL) that I haven’t been able to blog these amazing outfits until now. While I could go on and on (and on and on) about how great these releases are… I think I will let the clothes speak for themselves.

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TDR – B… Goodness!

Okay, so I have been a HUGE fan of The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue since they both started. BUT.. let me just say that I am in LOVE with so much of the collection this time! The backbone of my outfit was found from a mix of The Dressing Room Blue and The Dressing Room collections for this week. GO and check it out and I promise you won’t be disappointed! Now, I must stop talking in all CAPS so PLEASE just go do some SHOPPING!

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Week 021 – White (is that really a color?)

Here I am… just chugging away and trying to get caught up on this challenge. I am the prime example of a procrastinator. Though, I am committed to finishing this challenge on time and not after everyone else. LOL! We’ll see how that goes given my track record.

Moving right along. I’m not really a “white” type of girl… it’s a little too angelic and girlie and I can’t pull either off very well. However, I LOVE this romper from Aoharu and you better believe I’m going to wear white while I can 😛

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Week 020 – Sky Blue

So, I am SLOWLY working my way through the rest of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. Luna Jubilee is just about at the end of the whole thing and well I am half way through… a year later…. Oh well, at least I’m determined to finish 😛

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Neons and Neutrals

So, round 2 of Collabor88 is available and the theme is “Neons and Neutrals”. Let me just start by saying who ever came up with this theme is a GENIUS! Call me crazy and stuck in the early 90’s, but every now and again you have to break out the day-glow! Make sure you go check it out and while you’re at it join the update group because they have fab freebies 🙂

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A new obsession … Vero Modero

I must admit… that I have been checking out the designs of Vero Modero on Flickr and their blog. Though, I have just recently been to their store. I know, shame on me. Please feel free to throw tomatoes or any other type of fruit or vegetable (that is preferably soft). So anyway, I decided to tp over there a few days ago and let me tell you that I was in HEAVEN! After you take a look at the following pics, you’ll understand.

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