Me ❤

The name is MandyLeigh, but you can call me Mandy 😉

I have been a resident in Second Life for a little over 4 years.  Since my early days, fashion has been a main stay and so I’ve decided to give blogging a second (or maybe third or fourth) chance.  My taste may not be what’s “in” or others may not like it, but it’s what I like.  I hope that you all enjoy some of what I put together and that maybe it might inspire you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.


Most everything I blog is something I have personally purchased.  I believe in supporting those who spend countless hours designing and making beautiful things for us to wear in-world.  Also, I feel that just because I blog doesn’t mean I’m entitled to hand outs.

With that said, if you are a designer, posemaker, a builder, etc. and you would like me to review your items then I will accept review copies.  However, I reserve the right to not blog them if they are not my style or do not suit the feel of my blog.  Also, please give me at least a week to get a blog post together.  I don’t mean any of the above to be rude, but I would rather be up front and honest.

Blog Photos

All of the photos on my blog are my own except in the case of using a store’s vendor photos.  So, my photos are slightly edited to fix SL issues (i.e. jagged lines and stretched joints, etc.) and minor color correction.  Therefore, my pics may not precisely depict what you see in SL.  However, if I am blogging a skin then I do not edit the color so that you can see what you are buying.

Contact Info

Any questions, concerns, or complaints.. feel free to e-mail me at mandyleigh.sweetwater@gmail.com or send me a notecard in-world (MandyLeigh Sweetwater).

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