Your love’s as sweet as candy

Ommm nom nom… *looks around before wiping her mouth* Oh, sorry, I was just… umm… sampling the goods from the Candy Fair. I couldn’t help it, I have a sweet tooth and look at all the goodies. Chocolates, gummys, bubble gum, candy apples, cotton candy, cakes, ice cream, lollipops… It’s just too much to resist. Every sweet you can imagine spread across 3 beautifully decorated sims. It’s like Willy Wonka exploded! And the items I’m showing you in this post are just the beginning. Which means you, my friends, will be getting a few more delicious posts!

Click below for more info on items featured in this post and more on the Candy Fair!

Candy Fair 2013
October 4th – October 18th

What the heck is Candy Fair?!…
Candy fair is an event created for the love of Candy & Sugar. We all love candy! So we decided to feature all the sweetness that goes along with it.

Anything featuring Candy, (candy Colors) (example: clothes, jewelry, skins (makeups count too), furniture, home & decor, poses, kids items, anything with candy or featuring candy..

We hope you enjoy the fair and don’t eat too many sweets!

Candy Fair Organizers
MelissaJeanne Flores
Danicasaerwen Resident

Candy Fair LM’S & SLURL’S
Sim 1:
Sim 2:
Sim 3:


Outfit Details:
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Vida in Colors
Headband: {Mango Cheeks} – Candy Headband in Strawberry (Candy Fair)
Freckles: .Oh!Liv. – Nose & Cheek Freckles
Lipstick: .Birdy. – Candy Lippy {5} (Candy Fair)
Necklace 1: Essences – Traditional Candy Necklace (Candy Fair)
Necklace 2: [tea.s] – Lollipop Necklace – Silver – Mint Candy (Candy Fair)
Ring: – Pr!cK – – KawiRinG – PonY Vi (Candy Fair)
Nail Polish: *[Starry Heaven]* – Candy Gradient Fingernails – Slink Appliers (Candy Fair)
Dress: Berries Inc. – tooBat ruffle Dress in lightblue (Candy Fair)
Shoes: Berries Inc. – candy flats in lightblue (Candy Fair)
Pose w/gumballs: . Infiniti . – Gumballs – 5 (Candy Fair)
Table and Goodies on table: -Marmelade- (Candy Fair)
“Mondays” Wall Decor: *~*HopScotch*~* Candy is nature’s way (Candy Fair)
Rainbow Candy Wall Decor: ~ Kawaii ~ Rainbow Candy Wall Decoration – Pink (Candy Fair)


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