Oh, my God, Becky

I did it. I broke down. I was weak. I couldn’t help it. I was seduced. I swear it is NOT my fault.

But it is, because I totally broke down and bought a Phat Azz from Luck Inc. I don’t know if it’s really one of those things I can wear all the time (kind of like my Lolas), but I have been seeing some stuff coming out for it that I’d like to blog. So, I tp’d my flat white girl butt over to L.inc and bought one. Plus, Belleza put out an applier so I didn’t have to work hard to match it. Hopefully, more skin places will do this since I like to change skins WAY too much. Oh, and Izzie’s came out with this cute lingerie set that comes with a Lola applier and Phat Azz applier.

So, you know, admire my booty or go get your own. 😛


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