The sun is so hot

I don’t think anything says summer more than boats and bikinis. I mean, what’s better than half naked girls and being out on the water? Nothing! Which is why you all should go and check out the Boats and Bikinis Expo while you can (it ends on the 31st!). Now, I know I’m just prancing around in a bikini for this whole blog post, but there are lots of other goodies like clothing that covers all your bits and furniture too 🙂 So, why are you still reading this? Go on, go… before it closes!

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Arianna in Browns04Fade
Bikini: Starfashion – Bikini Sequin in Pink

Hair: ::Exile:: – Crazy in Love in Leather
Bikini: Tarnished – Sunset Anchors Bikini

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Adeline w/Roots in chocmint
Bikini: FABOO – Tie Dye Bikini

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Caprice in Frappuccino
Bathing Suit: Dead Dollz – Marina in Blue (Hunt Gift and Color Given at Random)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Haven in Frappuccino
Bikini: caLLie cLine – The Wrap Bikini in SOL Edition
My Partying Friends: KittyCats – Summer Splash Boating Kitties


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