Opening Skies with Your Broken Keys

I was talking about my high school days with Carmelo today and it was interesting to say the least. Mainly because we definitely had different experiences and I mentally can’t connect myself with who I was back then. Life has changed for me in so many ways; I’ve seen plenty of things, had experiences people only imagine and I guess I’ve just grown. Maybe my foundation is still the same, but I am, for sure, miles away from the girl I was.

So, I decided to throw together a look that was opposite from what I normally wear / look like. It’s a little bad-ass, a little glam, and a little sexy. And I think it worked out well. Perhaps, I used to be a little unlike I am now, but maybe different isn’t such a bad thing.

Hair: Exile – Bad Reputation in Natural Fusion (Leather)
Skin: [dolce] – Hanna in Russet / Violet Rays (Stuff in Stock)
Jacket: Corvus – Templar Jacket in Purple
Pants: Corvus – Skinny Jeans in Leather Lace
Shoes: [Gos] – Angelina Peeptoe in Black Python
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Positano Night Jewel


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