Sometimes love is intoxicating

This dress, in this color, reminds me of love. It evokes these feelings and emotions in me that bring back memories of falling in love. Maybe it’s the soft pink color that reminds me of Sakura falling at the beginning of Spring in Japan. That was always my favorite. It was like watching it snow flowers. So, there’s a possibility that’s why this dress reminds me of love. Or there’s always the theory that I just like love. I mean, heck, it’s tattooed on my body so I should believe in it right?

Something that’s a little easier to decode than my ramblings about love? Well, that’s pretty much everything – so just get your pretty little shopaholic bottoms down to the United Fashion Project where you can pick up the dress I’m wearing as well as the colors shown below!

[Cynful] Kamalin Dress - United Fashion Ad - All Colors

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Fay in Chocolate
Dress: Cynful – Kamalin Dress in Leather Light Pink
Shoes: GOS – Grace Sandal in Pink
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Crystal Glass Teardrop
Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Atlantis Moon


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