In my skivvies

It has been a crazy few days in SL for me. The days filled with ups, downs, and round and rounds. Emotions running high and then really low because I have a nasty habit of being able to completely shut down. Though, I suppose you could look at it as compartmentalizing. You know putting all the bad stuff in a mental drawer and shutting it so it doesn’t affect everything else.

So, I figured what better way to relax then to hang out in my skivvies. And, btw, who came up with the word “skivvies”? It kind of sounds like skid mark. Ew. ANYWAY, I just so happened to be wearing Deliciosa by Cynful and tt’s currently available at The Dressing Room Fusion for cheap! What can I say? If I’m going to lounge around in my undies then I’m going to look good doing it and why not save some lindens too.

Hair: Exile – Desperately Waiting in Natural Fusion
Undies: Cynful – Deliciosa in Cheetah (TDRF)


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