Just me and Scuba Steve

I don’t think I ever dreamed of being a mermaid. Which is surprising given the first movie I ever remember going to see was the Little Mermaid. I loved Ariel with her bright red hair and undersea cave full of human treasures. Though, the fact that she couldn’t speak when she finally met Prince Eric frustrated the hell out of my 4 year old self.

So, when the Under the Sea Expo started I couldn’t help but check it out. And in that underwater world, I found many things to help me play out my own little ocean fantasy. Here I am, dreaming away… thinking about my own Prince Eric and his two legs. Unfortunately, I guess I’ll have to settle for my scuba diving cat friend I’ve named Scuba Steve. Hopefully, he reads the sign and doesn’t pee in sea because eww!

Truth – Ariel in Chocomint with Roots
Mermaid Top and Tail: LunaSea – Azure (Under the Sea Expo)
Log with Poses: FantaSea – Log On (Under the Sea Expo)
Rocks, Sand and Kelp: Botanical – Kelp Forest and Underwater Rocks Diorama (Under the Sea Expo)
“Scuba Steve”: KittyCats – Summer Splash – Swimmer Cat – Bali Blue (Under the Sea Expo)


3 thoughts on “Just me and Scuba Steve

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