I’m in the spotlight, all night

Sometimes, I sit down to write a blog and I honestly don’t know what to say. I mostly will go on and on about how I love something, but then again it wouldn’t be on my blog if I didn’t like it right? Well, we should hope that I wouldn’t put anything on my blog that I didn’t like.

Right now, I’m wearing Vershel ladyl’s Hanna Skin from her [dolce] line. If you don’t know Vershel, she owns a little store called Vershe and she makes super cute stuff! Anyway, the one thing I love about this skin is the fact that the features are soft. It also doesn’t hurt that the highlighting is subtle and not overdone. When I say overdone, I mean looking like you have a spotlight on you. So, yeah, I like the skin. 🙂

The top I’m wearing is the Mya Sweater from FreshTrash. It’s adorable and totally something I would walk around in RL. But since I can’t, I’ll just have to lounge around in it in SL.

Skin: [dolce] Hanna – Zinnwaldite with Dark Brows
Hair: Truth – Selma in Browns01Fade
Sweater: FreshTrash – Mya Sweater in Turquoise Stripes


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