I love the way you make me feel

I’m having one of those days where I have so much to say and yet I don’t want to say anything at all. You know when you have things you want to talk about, but at the same time you don’t want to acknowledge some of them because they don’t deserve the attention. But then there are other things that are going on that you want to scream from the rooftops, but at the same time you want them all for yourself. Yeah, I’m a little greedy in that sense 😉

Though, I will say that I’m still playing catch up with blog posts and I’m sorry to anyone who’s been waiting for me to blog their stuff. I’ve been busy RL and a little preoccupied SL 😉 Today, however, I was able to get a post up and it’s featuring a sexy fun dress from [Context]. If you haven’t been to see Kennef’s stuff then I recommend getting down to the store. He’s awesome items and definitely some things with personality! In fact, I think he’s been working on tons of new stuff so even better 😀 Oh, and did you know that Boudoir does prefabs? Most of them I have seen are clubs, like the one in the background of this pic (The Lounge), but they all look pretty fun. So, if you’re wanting to club it out in your own sky then I say go for it 😀

Hair: !lamb – Pearl in Honeycomb Ombre
Dress: [Context] – Deep Scoop Halter Dress
Shoes: GOS – Grace Sandal in Black Patent
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Jewelled Peacock


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