But I am cleaning up so well

Well, I’ve found my SL has been a little crazy these past few days. It’s got me thinking about relationships, people, and feelings in general. I wonder if it’s possible to fall in love with someone after only knowing them a few days. And if that’s possible, is it that easy to forget a person you’ve been with for a long time. I’d like to think you don’t just disregard someone when it’s all over, but we all move on at different speeds. Some relationships we never move on from and others… well, I suppose others may end so badly that we try to pick up and go as fast as possible.

There is one relationship I do want to have. It’s with my Lolas Tango and the new boobie stuff from *VERSHE*. She’s already got some great stuff out, so if you like to wear them big mesh boobies then you have even more options 😀 So, go check it out and ignore me while I continue pondering love which means I’ll end up with a headache because it never makes sense.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Selene in Pancake (Fantasy Faire)
Shape: Anatomy – Maia (Limited Edition/Sold Out)
Skin: Essences – Clover in Sunkissed
Top: *VERSHE* – Cropped Sweater in Blue Sheer (New Release with Lolas Applicator!)
Skirt: Mon Tissu – Gauzy Skirt in Black
Flats: Forever Young – Comfy Flats in Black


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