But here’s my number, so call me – maybe?

If you don’t know… One of my favorite bloggers is Jolene McAndrews who is the genius behind the blog Next Pointless Trend. She’s just freaking awesome. But, the point of me fan-girling Jolene is that she has been featuring these awesome glasses from ShadZ. I have been meaning to get over there and check it out for the LONGEST time.

Let me just tell you that once I made it there… It took all my resistance not to drop all my lindens on the store. There are glasses for everything. One of my favorites found their way onto my blog header and my other fave can be found above this paragraph. It’s a great fit for when you want vindication for your 3rd grade dodge-ball team (when you were picked last because you were digging for gold), or that school you want to get into (and unfortunately, this isn’t Legally Blonde). The glasses also come in handy for that special someone that doesn’t quite get your “subtle” hinting. So, go check out ShadZ and I bet you’ll find something to fit your mood. Especially, if you’re tired of all those haters.


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