Maybe the truth is, it would kill me if you move on…

I think at some point in life, everyone find him or herself in a situation where he or she wants to make others jealous. Maybe it’s an ex that broke their heart or a best friend that stabbed the person in the back. The situation makes them conjure up ways to seek revenge, and sometimes jealousy can be a perfect tool. So, they start thinking, “I’m going to show them (the wrong doer).” Well, if you happen to be wanting to show off what your ex gave up or just how much better you look than your hag of an ex best friend… then look no further than this dress right here. It hugs in all the right places, shows just the right amount of skin, and is sure to drive that “special” person CRAZY. So, remember kids… envy makes people green and should be handled with care ❤

Hair: !lamb – Stereo in Twix
Dress: paper.doll – Charlotte in Watermelon (mesh)
Shoes: N Core – Coquette in Glitter Pink
Necklace: League – Fly Me Away Amore in pink
Bracelets: je suis – Asymetrique in Pinks


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