.: Vanilla Poses :. Upcoming Releases, New Stuff, and Mainstore Closure

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that my mainstore will be closed for a few days – well probably until early next week. I am currently moving locations and hope that my new one will be just as good as the last! For now, you can still get my poses HERE As soon as I get my new store up, I’ll make sure and update you!

Keep reading for more information on new releases and the Pose Fair (which starts on the 15th!)

I recently put out my lay poses that I created. They are available single purchase via the pose stand or in a fatpack by purchasing the picture above the stand. The picture only shows one of the poses so I recommend testing them out.

Also, I am releasing 3 new poses which are debuting at the Pose Fair which opens on the 15th! I decided to go a little sexy this time… well mostly sexy.

Want more information about the Pose Fair then I recommend checking out the Pose Fair Information Group. Alternatively, you can always check out Katey’s Blog


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