.: Vanilla Poses :. Early Kisses

So, I created this pose for all the SL budding families (as well as myself). What’s more sentimental than a Dad’s early kisses to his unborn child? This version is positioned for a size 20 belly so its for pretty early in pregnancy. I will be putting out a 40 and 60 version soon so keep looking out for that if you’re looking for more of a late pregnancy pose.

Also, just a reminder all poses are still 100L (except new releases) and there is a 50L pose as well. I will be marking up the prices after this weekend so make sure to catch the sale. If you haven’t already – make sure you join the group or subscriber for upcoming releases and some freebies. *Hint* there may be one there already 😀

Store Info:


Satelite Store


Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year!


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