Since the world is ending next year SALE

Since today is December 21st, and people believe the world will end on December 21, 2012, I’ve decided to formally announce the fact that I have a store. Currently, I have a few poses up for sale (all couples poses) that I’ve made. The shop is still small, but growing every day and I hope that you all will enjoy it as much as I do. Also, with the release of my newest pose I have put all my poses up for sale at 100L each (in world locations ONLY, but there is a special offer on Marketplace). They will be on sale until probably the 1st of January or around that time.

I will be continually growing and working to improve my store. Though, I always welcome comments, suggestions, or even pose ideas. There are big things planned for group and subscribe-o members (such as a freebie in the NEAR future) so make sure you join one or the other. In addition, since it is Christmas time, if you have purchased a pose from me full price (i.e. before this sale) send me a notecard with your transaction history and I’ll send you a pose of your choice for free.

Keep reading for my releases and store locations…

.: Vanilla Poses :. Gift.: Vanilla Poses :. Positive
.: Vanilla Poses :. Bittersweet.: Vanilla Poses :. Please
.: Vanilla Poses :. Waterfalls.: Vanilla Poses :. Pinned
.: Vanilla Poses :. Someone.: Vanilla Poses :. Wedding Anticipation
.: Vanilla Poses :. Morning Light


Satelite Store

Marketplace (not on sale)


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