I suffer from…

Footinmouthitis… It’s true. Unfortunately, they haven’t found a cure for this disease and it continues to run rampant. Not only in my case, but throughout society in every part of the world. So, here I am suffering not so silently as I continue to open my mouth and insert my foot. From what they tell me, it’s a regular occurrence, but sometimes… I just need something (other than my foot) to keep my mouth shut.

On the bright side, it is GFW time again on the Jersey Shore sim. I think someone must have told the creators about me and my incurable symptoms. They came out with a shirt, mouth tape, and a tattoo that perfectly describes me (and will hopefully bring some relief). So, if like me, you can’t keep your foot out of your mouth when you should then go check it out. There are lots more goodies to check out!

Hair: Truth – Delia in Mocha
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Brooding in Dark Brown
Shirt: [trs] – Foot ‘n Mouth Tank (GFW)
Jeans: -KTHU- – Curty Jeans (GFW)
Shoes: UBU – PornStar Lo-Tops
Tattoo: Tenjin – I Have No Regrets (GFW)
Mouth Tape: [trs] STFU Mouth Plaster (GFW; should come with the tank)


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