Hiding my heart

Despite how disappointing life can be, I think that there are moments of brightness. Whether you find it in a significant other, a confidant, a hobby, or work – there are these moments that just make your heart swell. It was one of those days for me; a day that gave me purpose and reminded me why I do what I do. So, no matter how many people try to tear you down or ruin your happiness… hold on to it… for dear life.

Oh… you want me to actually blog an outfit today? Well, I guess you deserve it after having to read my rant šŸ˜›

Hair: Fri.day – Tatum in Thoughtful Brown
Sweater: Holli Pocket – Cover Up Cowl in Stripe White
Skirt: League – Nomad Skirt in Brown
Shoes: GOS – Storm Sandal in Brown Leather
Earrings: NHA! – March Gift


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