Japan, Cynful and Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

So, I’m going to be honest.. I don’t really feel like blogging right now. Now, I know some of you are going, “Well, then why blog?” The answer is simple because it is about the Japan earthquake and the tsunami that followed. I know there are plenty of posts about it already, but I wanted to give you my story and my experience.

For those of you who don’t know me and for some of those who do… I have lived about 45 minutes from Tokyo for the past five years. I have adopted the people, the culture, and the land as my own. Therefore, this experience and this cause is extremely close and dear to my heart. Anyway, the following details a little bit of what happened and all that has occurred since. I hope that after reading it (even if you skim it) that you are compelled to donate to the Red Cross or participate in the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser (opening on Wednesday) which is being supported by many SL designers including Cynful and Glam Affair (who donated the land for the event).

At 2:46 p.m. JST on Friday March 11, 2011, I was sitting at my desk counting down the last hour to my work week when I felt small tremors. I turned to my co-worker and simply and nonchalantly said, “earthquake.” You have to understand that having lived in Japan for many years, I have felt many earthquakes. Sometimes you don’t even feel them, but you can see ripples in your water bottle. However, this time was different… the tremors didn’t stop and they got increasingly stronger. My monitors started to shake on my desk and I could hear people talking in rushed and somewhat panic stricken voices. As the quake lessened, we began to assemble outside my office building. No one had ever felt anything that strong, even those who have lived here in 20+ years. Though, you should know that the earthquake I experienced was only 5.0 in magnitude versus 8.9 at the epicenter.

So, here I am two days later. I learned that the tsunami hit 20 minutes after the earthquake and there wasn’t enough warning for many people to evacuate (where as Cali had about 18 hours). I’ve watched a building housing a nuclear reactor explode, learned that there have been six failures in regards to cooling the reactors at that same plant, and learned that another plant is now in danger. In addition, I have sat through the numerous aftershocks that continue to roll through Japan and each time I can only wish they would cease. Not so much for my benefit, but knowing that they are at their strongest in the area that was highly effected. Part of me feels guilty for the fact that I have heat, water, a roof over my head, food, and everything I own is still intact. I have guilt over the fact that after the tsunami hit, approximately 4.2 million people in Japan lost power and it started to snow. The other half of me is thankful that the expected count of the dead is only 1300 versus the 200,000 in Haiti. I know that if I was not here and if I wasn’t so tied to the Japanese then I would be able to move on with my daily life. It is so easy to take for granted all the things that we have and to focus on all the negative things that are small in comparison. But please… remember. Remember all the people who are affected by this and other natural disasters.

Now for a preview of the goodies..

These cute takes are courtesy of Cynful and 100% of the profits are being donated to help the efforts here in Japan (and other areas in the Pacific that were effected).

Skin: LAQ – Nellie in Peach
Hair: [e] – Later in Brown 08
Tanks: Cynful – RaRa Tops in Dots, Random, and Hearts
Jeans: Cynful – Modest Skinny Jeans (for Lazy Sunday.. so hurry up and get them!)
Poses: Glitterati

Thank you to all the designers who are participating and those who will shop the event.

❤ Mandy

* Below you will find a video that was taped at the Sendai Airport which is the area that was mainly effected. It is not something everyone will want to watch, but I provide it to show you the devastation that those in that area face. *


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