Dear Summer – Please come soon. . .

I don’t know about where you are, but the weather here sucks lately. There’s a layer of ice on my car in the morning and by midday I’m sweating like a whore in church. Luckily, in SL we can make it summer any time we choose. So, I decided to head over to Rock Me Amadeus and see what I could find to lift my spirits. Well, I don’t think I did so bad 🙂

I was scared to get in the water at first because I mean, it’s freezing here in Tokyo, but soon enough I warmed up to the idea. Lucky for me, I have a waterfall on my land and so all I had to do was get down to my bikini and get in. . . I don’t look cold, do I?

I decided to head into my beach hut after playing in the water for a bit. The sexiness does tend to wear thin when you start to look like a prune.

Thanks Rock Me Amadeus and especially Cheyenne for helping me get rid of my winter blues ❤

Photo 1:
Shirt: Rock Me Amadeus – Grunge Top in Purple
Bikini: Rock Me Amadeus – Purple Glitzy Bikini
Jeans: Rock Me Amadeus – Cool Jeans in Blue

Photo 2:
Bikini: Rock Me Amadeus – Purple Glitzy Bikini

Photo 3:
Top and Shorts (not quite visible): Rock Me Amadeus – Beach Babe in Purple

All Photos:
Skin: Belleza – Erika in Pale
Hair: Truth – Neve in Champagne
Necklace: SiSSi – Lucky Dice
Fingetape: Linc – Finger Tapes
Poses: Long Awkward Poses


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