Put a little Purple in your pictures…

Okay, so I know there isn’t any purple in that photo really… but I also wasn’t talking about actually adding the color purple into your photos. What I am talking about is the pose and it was created by Audrey Guter, the creator of Purple Poses. You may wonder what is so special about Ms. Guter and her poses when there are so many creators out there. Well, that’s simple. Audrey created her poses with the intent of making them reasonable so everyone can afford to purchase them. In fact, most of her single poses are 10L each and the couples poses are only 45L.

If you’re a budding photographer without a lot of Lindens or even a pro with a million, I recommend that you check out Purple Poses on Second Life Marketplace. There are so many to choose from and she even offers fatpacks that contain several packages of poses for those of us who are posewhores.

So, thank you Audrey for all the hard work and making your poses available to a wide range of residents.

❤ Mandy

Pose 1: Purple Poses – PurplePoseBall12
Pose 2: Purple Poses – PurplePoseBall28


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